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The aspUraclip Mini-Breezer is manufactured in Germany. The control of the complete production process on the company's own production lines as well as the complete supply chain is one of the core competences of aspUraclip GmbH.

The production process includes three main sub-processes: the loading of the clip blanks with fiber pins, the filling of the clips with the oil mixture and the packaging of the filled clips. In each production step, special care and precision is required to accurately place the memory into the clips, to fill exactly the right amount of oil mixture into the clips, and to pack the clips absolutely airtight.

Production and SCM

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aspUraclip Mini-Breezer

Full Service for White Label / OEM

As a full service provider, we take on all tasks to bring your company's fragrances into the mini-breezer. This includes in particular the optimization of the fragrance blends, the preparation of the safety documents, the production of the clips and their packaging. In addition to essential oil blends, we also offer filling and packaging of other substances, e.g. for medical fields of application.

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